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Why Choose Warmfoor?

As an Architect, your clients rely on you and your firm to ensure they receive the very best advice on products that you can offer.

  • Warmfloor specialise in under tile heating
  • The heating cable is designed and manufactured in New Zealand to meet the mandatory safety standards.
  • Warmfloor offer up to 25 years warranty on our cable and are happy to supply your firm with all certifications to ensure you are confident that our product is the best choice for your client
  • As a New Zealand company with the sole focus of ensuring we provide the very best underfloor heating solution you can be certain we have researched, designed, manufactured and sourced the best products for the New Zealand climate.
  • Our heating cables and thermostats work specifically to accommodate the diverse climate we have here in New Zealand.
  • Warmfloor have a strong focus incorporating energy efficient design and latest technology to ensure the best performance with lower running costs.
  • Warmfloor have undertaken extensive testing in New Zealand's different climate zones, as well as tested the relative effect of an insulation board. Insulation board greatly improves heating times and therefore has a positive effect on energy savings.

Please take the time to read more about our TH1 electronic thermostat with its heated towel rail control and other unique features. You can also read more about our heating cable and how it has been manufactured.

Warmfloor  has preformed extensive studies on the effects of relative heat up time and running costs in New Zealand's three climatic regions. As a result of these studies we have tested and sourced a high performance insulation material (insu-board) that is strongly recommended for installations within our colder climates. You can read about our insulation board in our accessories section.

Free spool cable or heating mat?
Advantages and disadvantages

Heat Mat


  • Often these mats are installed without proper care being given to the surface it is being laid on.
  • Many mats have a peel and stick installation method. These mats are often stuck down over the top of a floor that has not been properly prepared. Layers of overspray and other foreign materials can simply be covered over.
  • Floors must be free of these materials and also the floor should be primed before any heating product is laid .If this is not adhered to then in the future tiles may separate from the substrate.
  • You cannot shape a mat easily around the likes of toilet bowls or small areas where heating may be required .
  • When attempts are made to cut and shape the mat , often pieces of mat can protrude well above the finished height making the tilers job much more difficult.
  • Fixed heat output per square meter. The mat has the cable fixed to a mesh at consistent spacings (usually 80 mm ). The spacing of this cable cannot be altered and therefore the heat output remains the same for every situation. This results in the same heat output per square meter being specified in different climate zones. The result of this can be simply not enough heat is available in the colder climatic regions. The result of this can be increased running costs due to slow heat up time or even a desired heating set point not being reached.

Free Spool Cable


  • The cable can be easily laid into smaller areas, eg around w/cs etc.
  • A cable usually has a thinner diameter than heating mats.
  • The cable allows variable heat output, by altering the cable spacings you can increase or decrease the watts per square meter dependent on the climate zone and tile composite.
  • When installed by trained and approved installers any potential issues can be avoided.
  • Warmfloor offer a 25 year warranty when work is by an approved installer.
  • Warmfloor is happy to offer its services to architects to ensure the right size cable and installation proceedures are followed. This gives you piece of mind that the installation will be done right.