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Warmfloor Insulation Board

Why should you choose to add Warmfloor Insulation Board?

  • Improves floors heat up time
  • Reduces running costs

New Zealand has a diverse climate where the core and ambient temperatures can vary greatly. These temperatures can significantly affect how long the floor takes to heat up to its operating temperature.

Concrete floors in the far North Island rarely get below 15°, however in the South Island and Central North Island the temperatures can be closer to 8°. It is in these colder climates that Warmfloor Insulation Board makes the most impact, however in the warmer climates savings are still achieved - see best practices and running costs.

Warmfloor have spent over 12 months trialing different products and believe the Warmfloor Insulation Board is the best performing product. This is why Warmfloor have added it to their range of underfloor accessories

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As shown in the above diagram, by installing Warmfloor Insulation Board you are limiting the heatloss down into the concrete floor and directing the heat up into the tiles.

Wooden Floors

From the results of testing, it is shown there is only a small benefit when installing Warmfloor Insulation Board over a wooden floor - as opposed to a slate or tile product. We recommend, for cost-effectiveness, that Warmfloor Insulation Board is considered for concrete floors only.

Warmfloor Insulation Board Flyer

View our Warmfloor Insulation Board Flyer for more details on how you can save energy and money, simply click here or click the icon below.

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Installation of Warmfloor Insulation Board

To view our Warmfloor Insulation Board instructions, simply click here.

Or to download a copy of our PDF instruction sheet, click the icon below.

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