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Warmfloor Heating Kits

Selecting the correct kit is vital to ensuring the optimum efficiency of your underfloor heating. This page is designed to help you choose the correct kit for your installation. Our heating kits include:

  • Heating cable (see sizes available below)
  • Thermostat WFTH01
  • Cable monitor
  • Cloth tape
  • Adhesive spray
  • Comprehensive instruction manual

Selecting the required kit

The first stage is to measure the floor area to be heated. You need to consider areas such as showers, vanities etc and avoid areas where permanent fixtures exist. Cables should not be installed closer than 200mm from walls and 100mm from toe spaces. You should also exclude these areas when calculating the total heating square meterage required. Use the sizing calculator to input the heating square meterage required.

The calculator results will give you the recommended kit required for your installation.

Available Kits

Warmfloor Cable Code Length
WFK150 11.1
WFK200 15.5
WFK250 18.1
WFK300 22.6
WFK350 25.4
WFK400 30.2
WFK500 36.8
WFK600 43.1
WFK650 48.1
WFK700 51.7
WFK800 58.5
WFK900 66.5
WFK1000 72.0
WFE1250 92.5
WFK1500 111.0
WFK1750 129.6
WFK2000 147.0
WFK2500 184.6
WFK3000 219.1

For more information on room sizes, or cable options, please contact the Warmfloor team.