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Running Costs

Here are some Warmfloor Installation Testing and Recommendations.


Warmfloor has carried out extensive testing on heating performance, based on New Zealand’s three climate zones.

Tests have been based on an average bathroom/ensuite requiring a 500 watt Cable. The floor is required to be at a target temperature of 24° for two hours in the morning 6-8am and three hours in the evening 6-9pm – 5 hours total on time. A unit price of 24 cent per kW has been allowed.


Cables were spaced at a distance of 80mm centres being the industries standard. Most conventional Cables on the New Zealand Marked when placed at 80mm spacings produce approx 143 watts per square metre. WARMFLOOR’s uniquely designed Cable produces approx 168 per square metre.

Each climate zone has a different starting floor temperature. Starting temperatures tested were as follows:

Zone 1     15°
Zone 2     12°
Zone 3     08°

The colder the temperature, the longer heat up time was required to reach the target temperature of 24 ° if the same power is applied to each floor.

With 170 watts per metre
Zone 1     15° - 24°     =     2.5 hours
Zone 2     12° - 24°     =     4.5 hours
Zone 3     08° - 24°     =     7.5 hours

When a floor is heating up to the set temperature, full power is being used. Once the target temperature has been reached the thermostat will maintain this set temperature and only requires a percentage of power to hold this temperature.

Results show significant savings are achieved in the colder climates by installing a larger heating cable and also installing Warmfloor Insulation Board as heat up times are greatly reduced.

Climate Zones

For information on test results and running costs in your region/climate zone, click here.