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Our Unique Cable

The Warmfloor spool cable is supplied in different lengths to allow for various square metres of heating coverage.

cable2 300pxThe heating cable itself is only 2.3 to 2.7mm thick, however it is extremely strong with a lifespan of over one hundred years. This long life allows Warmfloor to offer up to 25 years warranty on its heating cable.

The cable itself runs at about 13.5 watts per metre which is a little warmer than the common worldwide standard of 11.5 watts. This small difference is to better suit New Zealand's unique climate zones.

The Warmfloor Heating Cable is suitable for many floor types, including tile, slate, carpet, laminate flooring and wooden floors.

Heat Output

By varying the spacing that the cable is laid (see best installation practices & running costs) you can alter the watts per Square meter of heating that the floor receives.

Standard spacings vary between 60 mm through to 80 mm . Generally the colder the climate and house location then the closer the cable spacing. For example, the cable spacing when laying in Auckland (climate zone one) is recommended to be 80mm. However a house in Queenstown (zone three) 60 mm spacing would be the preferred option.

By following our recommended spacing and, in many instances, also installing Warmfloor Insulation Board you can be sure that you will not be disappointed with your floors performance and running costs.

Kits sizes

Click here to view the various cable lengths and kits that are available.