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Warmfloor Insulation Board Installation

Concrete Floor

  1. Concrete floors must be completely cured as per manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. The existing floor must be flat.
  3. Prepare floors surface as per good tiling practises i.e.: Remove any contaminants as in paint overspray, dirt, plaster, glue and dust etc.
  4. Prime the floor with a suitable floor primer and allow to dry.
  5. Fit the boards to the shape of the room, with staggered joints (see the example below). The boards may be cut with the use of a jigsaw, stanley knife or similar tool.

insulboard diag01

insulboard diag02


Fixing down of the Warmfloor Insulation Board

This is performed in the same way that you would fix down tiles.

  1. Mix up a suitable quantity of flexible tile adhesive as per the manufactures instructions.
  2. With the use of a 6mm notch trowel, individually lift up each sheet and evenly apply the adhesive to the floor, ensuring that all of the board’s area has been covered.
  3. Place the board and press down firmly thus ensuring any air pockets are removed.
  4. Avoid excessive pressure when fixing down boards as this will cause the adhesive to be forced out causing the edges to lose their adhesion.
  5. Repeat the above steps until the entire floor is covered.

Installation of Warmfloor Heating Cable

Once the adhesive has cured, prime the surface of the Insul-board and then install cable as per Warmfloor’s installation instructions.

Warmfloor strongly advises the use of SLC (Self-levelling compound) when using Insul-board, as this facilitates the easy removal and replacement of tiles, if ever required, which otherwise may be difficult.

Installation of Warmfloor Installation Board

To download a copy of our PDF instruction sheet, click the icon below.

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