Energy Saving Features

The Warmfloor system has been designed to not only be a highly efficient underfloor heating system, but also to be a more cost effective solution for your heating needs.

There can be a misconception that Underfloor heating is very expensive to run. This can be the case when insufficient heating (watts) has been installed and the relative climate zone has not been considered.

When a floor is heating to a desired set point this heating time is all wasted energy, so by reducing the heat up time with the correct wattage per square metre and by installing Warmfloor Insul-board (onto a concrete floor), the heat up time is greatly reduced therefore saving considerable running costs.

A quick look at how Warmfloor can reduce your heating costs

The Warmfloor heating system incorporates the following key features that make the most energy efficient under tile heating system for the new Zealand market.

  • Sizing Calculator - ensures that the correct amount of energy is installed into the floor dependant on your climate zone.
  • Insul-Board - during heat up time this board provides a barrier so that the heat is not transmitted directly into a concrete floor but rather directs the heat into the tiles.
  • Heated Towel Rail Control - by controlling the heated towel railwith our thermostat to only heat when it is needed (typically 4 hours a day), a 500 watt heated floor will not increase your current total power usage. Control of the towel rail can produce savings of up to $175.00 annually.

As well as power savings from a well installed underfloor system, you can also save on energy using the Warmfloor controllers heated towel rail function. By controlling the heated towel rail to only heat when it is needed (typically 4 hours a day), a 500 watt heated floor will not increase your current power usage.

towelrailpower 420px

Energy Consumption Meter - the Warmfloor WFTH01 Thermostat incorproates a kilowatt hour meter. This meter allows you to view your running costs and the results of altering your heat and run time settings.

powerusagechart 420px