FAQ & Support

On this page you will find answers to many frequently asked question and common problems. However if your question is not answered here, then please email or call so we can assist you.

Common Questions

Q: What size heating kit is suitable for my required heating area?
A: View our Sizing Calculator to obtain our recommended kit.

Q: Is the Warmfloor cable suitable for under carpet or under timber heating?
A: Yes. Special installation method is required. See installation manual.

Q: How do I obtain the best heating solution for my required heating area?
A: By using the Warmfloor Sizing Calculator combined with Warmfloor insulation board you will achieve maximum efficiency along with the lowest running costs possible.

Q: Is it essential that I use Self Levelling Compound?
A: No. This is not a mandatory requirement, however it is not the best installation practice. Tiles can be damaged via floor movement or articles dropped on it and unless SLC has been used it is very difficult to replace these tiles without damaging the cable. Warmfloor only offer a 15 year Cable replacement warranty if SLC has not been installed. See Warmfloor warranty.

Q: Can I install Warmfloor undertile heating in my Wet area shower?
A: Yes you can legally as our cable is fully compliant for this situation, however we recommend against this practice for the following reasons

  1. The shower floor will be heated by your hot water and installing cable in this area results in wasted power usage.
  2. Should your wet area develop a water leak you would need to replace the whole bathroom floor as opposed to just the shower area if the tiles need to be lifted.

Problem Solving

If your Problem can not be fixed from one of the suggestion below then please email or call so we can assist you.

Q: The floor doesn’t heat
A: (Provided a cable monitor has been used during installation and this has not sounded then it is extremely unlikely that the cable will be faulty.)
- View the temperature on the display: If this temperature exceeds what would be expected i.e. higher than 28 degrees this temperature would be higher than the set target temperature therefore the thermostat will not energise heating.

  • Solution one: The electrician may have connected two floor sensing probes instead of just one. Disconnect one probe.
  • Solution two: A sensing probe has been damaged (usually during installation) disconnect this sensor and connect the alternate sensor.

Q: Temperature display is correct but still not heating:
A: Some program information may have been entered incorrectly. Perform a factory reset.

  • Turn power button to off
  • Press and hold program button for 15 seconds until OFF starts to flash
  • Release program button and quickly press the Return button (the letters FAC indicating a successful reset will appear).
  • Turn power button on
  • Press Mode button to manual operation (hand icon appears)
  • Press Up arrow to increase heat to 26 degrees
  • Over a several hour period check that the temperature on the display is increasing as the floor is heating.

Q: Floor still not heating
A: Have the connecting Electrician view the electrical connection diagram as per this website electrical connection diagram to verify the connection has been performed correctly. (to see thermostat wiring diagram, click here)

Should any other faults exist not covered in this section, please contact Warmfloor for assistance.